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Reba Honer

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02/05/15 12:38 AM #1    

Linda Ramsey (Bright)

Feb 4, will always be a sad day and it takes me back to 1962, the day you entered your eternal home and I said good bye for the last time. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, remember your infectious laughter and see your great smile. I miss you to this very day. We will meet again, this I know. Can't wait to see your Mom , Dad and Gee-Gee.  I love you , my friend.........LRB

02/05/15 01:55 PM #2    

Karen Barnett (Hargrove)

Linda-Reba was such a beautiful person.  I knew she had been going to church with you in her last days.  You were probably instrumental in her salvation.  


Karen (Barnett) Hargrove

02/05/15 02:30 PM #3    

Kelly Yenser

Hello Linda.

It is a fine remembrance. Thank you for it. 



02/05/15 03:42 PM #4    

Dorothy Knight (Ryman)

I remember Reba and how sad it was, she was going to be one of the queens of the proms. Dorothy (Knight) Ryman

02/05/15 04:48 PM #5    

Judy Price (Hill)

I was Friends with Reba  second grade on. I have a lot of fun memories of our little backyard Clubs,Arkansas Ave., Valley Center and then North. Her mom's pancakes were the best ever and being with Reba and her family was wonderful. They all make my childhood wonderful!

02/06/15 10:12 AM #6    

Linda Ramsey (Bright)

Yes, our collective memories could tell a wonderful story that would bring both laughter and tears and warm our hearts because of who she was to each of us. She was full of our Lord and was such a kind and gentle spirit who never said a harsh word to anyone. After all these years I can say I've never met a more delightful person to be around. Whether it was draping toilet paper across her chest and pretending to be queen for a day, or chasing her horse out in that muddy field out back or riding him up and down Arkansas Ave, getting our hair caught in the limbs of the trees;  or making snow angels with Kelly and Terry in 2 feet of snow out at my house, we laughed till we cried like tickled little girls......aren't memories just the best gift!!!!  A person can and does live forever through each of us. Judy and Karen, I remember you, us girls, at our slumber parties, spin-the-bottle parties. What fun we had at Arkansas Ave school. It grieved me to recently learn of Carol Holmes and Debbie Rollins deaths, both who shared in our innocent fun of those days. We were truly blessed Young girls.  I had a stroke last year but I remember it all like it was yesterday. Such repeated joy! I am completely well now but briefly loosing my memories was the most frightening of all. We should help each other remember from whence we came in the days and years to come.  "Thanks for the memories"  Reba Carol and Debbie and to everyone who reads this. Those years were remarkably wonderful years we all shared. May God bless each of us as we head to our final destination. May we meet again, either here or in our heavenly home.....warmest thoughts and prayers

02/06/15 01:49 PM #7    

Sue Leatherbury (Janson)

I too remember, Reba fondly. Her laugh, her smile and bubbly personality. Thank you ladies for sharing your early memories of your times with Reba. Especially well said, Linda. I"m sorry about your stroke, but grateful you have completely recovered. Blessings. Sue

02/06/15 02:47 PM #8    

Karen Barnett (Hargrove)

Linda-what a beautiful memory you shared regarding us "Arkansas Avenueites." So sorry to hear you had a stroke, but so grateful you're OK.  I just looked over the deceased list on this site and it's so sad to have lost so many class members, and especially sad for those who died in their teens and twentys.  I feel so blessed to have grown up with so many quality people at our little grade school.  It is wonderful to still keep in touch with our childhood friends and memories.

02/06/15 10:50 PM #9    

Thad Goodrich

The memories of Reba and Arkansas Avenue that you all have shared are great.  Thanks

02/08/15 12:43 PM #10    

Kelly Yenser

I share Thad's sentiment. It has been touching to read the memories about Reba. Again, thank you, Linda, for sending the original post. This thread sent me back to the Tower of 1962. That was quite an experience in itself.

I am saddened to note the passing of Charlie and Carol, too. I have very fond memories of both.

I tried to post a similar message a day or two ago, but I don't think it made the page. I may have duplicated this...

Best to all.



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