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Residing In Corpus Christi, TX USA
Occupation Owneer of my own publishing company Diabetes Manager LLC
Children Martin, born 1967
Chris, born 1969
Michael, 1975

Married 35 years ... to 4 different More…women. Longest was 14 yeas, shortest and most recent 3 years, Last spouse says, "I still love you. I just can't live with you," a sentiment I agree with.

Paid child support for many years on all 3 children to two different mothers. The reward: I maintain good relationships with my sons AND my two grandchildren. Gives me a place to be on Christmas Day

When not writing, am walking or dancing. Experts say people should have life goals. I've climbed a mountain, scuba-dived under the sea, flown in an aerobatic plane during barrel rolls, flown as a reporter with Lufthansa pilots learning how to get out of a spin, and had other adventures. Went back to college in mid-life and finished my B Sc., then earned my Masters in Public Health (University of Alabama at Birmingham), and PhD (Mass Communications, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. It took years and years for me to learn (sort of) how to dance. Three of my four ex-spouses would be surprised.
Have written over 1000 articles for consumers published in newspapers, magazines, and newsletters during my early career (spanning 20 years before going back to school to earn those academic degrees. Many of the articles were in the self-help genre. I interviewed psychologists and other human behavior experts. I am not a psychologist but I would love to team up and co-author with one who has an interesting angle that helps readers help themselves.
As far as my later career, I decided not to enter academia as a 50 year old assistant professor. Instead I became a ghostwriter and Editor. I was founding editor of the UCLA Diabetes Perspective newsletter and ten years later founding Editor of the Brightsky diabetes website. Both are no longer in existence. Yet, still wanting to help my "tribe" --fellow humans with Type 2 diabetes, I created a book aimed at that audience. It is Low Glycemic Happiness: 120 Low Glycemic Load Recipes for Blood Sugar Control. (My co-author, Judy Lickus, was responsible for the recipes). It's available via Amazon and B& as a paperback and is on the Kindle.
Am also Author/co-author or ghostwriter of a dozen other books. Indeed, I help professionals such as physicians write the books they don't have time to write themselves. Several were so happy that they made me their acknowledged co-author rather than just an unacknowledged (but well-paid) ghostwriter. Dr. Anderson's Antioxidant, Anti-Aging Health Program and its sequel, Live Longer Better are examples as is the more recent Beyond the Knife: Alternatives to Surgery. You can see a list of my published titles on Amazon at:
I am a history nut and love writing for articulate seniors, or at least helping those older and wiser than me write their own autobiographies or memoirs. I take pride in my ability to ask memory-sparking questions which elicit interesting stories that my client's relatives and friends enjoy. I weave their anecdotes into the historical context of the time periods they talk about. To learn more about how I work with seniors, take a look at my website: and/or start your own memoir of your life by answering the free questions at
Cheers, MMB

School Story

The death of my father and the move to Wichita several years later brought me to North High in my senior year. That was hard leaving all my friends at East High School, Kansas City Mo. Besides I was shy once. Yet, by the end of the year I had made so many friends that my North High Yearbook was full of signature's and well wishes.

I will always feel grateful to Mr. Elliott, one of several excellent teachers, who took an interest in me and together with a guidance counselor whose name I unfortunately forget, encouraged me to take certain tests, one of which earned me a State of Kansas scholarship to what was then Wichita University Later WSU. Two years later I was awarded a William Randolph Hearst Scholarship which I chose to use at UK, Lawrence. Alas, I was not to graduate from KU, leaving school in the middle of my senior year to talk my way into a job at the Wichita Beacon. I needed the job badly. I had become a new father and my wife, Connie Ray, couldn't work outside of the home because of her epilepsy. Since I walked away without doing the required withdrawal paperwork I ended up with a semester of F's which kept me from going back to university until 1986 when I discovered Regents College of the University of the State of New York. They were only degree granting valid college that would "forgive" foolish actions such as dropping out of college without going through the paperwork. They also let me apply for and granted me 39 hours of college credit based on my 20 years professional career as a journalist, hospital PR director and budding author. Without that B. Sci. I would never have been able to get into UAB for the Master of Public Health degree and later be accepted by the UA doctoral program. I am a very fortunate man.

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Maury Breecher has a birthday today.
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Maury Breecher has a birthday today.
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Maury Breecher has a birthday today.
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Maury Breecher has a birthday today.
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Hope you have a great Birthday this year! I go to Corpus for shrimp, get in touch if you want, it's been awhile since last time we all hung out in Wichita . Lots of changes.
Next time to S. TX is December when I go to Zapata for awhile.

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Maury Breecher has a birthday today.
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