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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In LaCygne, KS USA
Spouse/Partner i have had a few of them looking for another
Occupation Commercial Real Estate Broker
Children Jad Albert Guerra Wolf, born, 1984

i have read some of the comments of my classmates and i am very impressed by all the good things that they have done. Scholars and Gentle people all! That being said, i think that it would be appropriate to share with my classmates the activities of myself although often unseemly and less honored than those i have read thus far.

Basically, left to my own devices, i traveled the world experimented with things that were literally more than the law allowed, had more girlfriends than i ever would have imagined, made more money than i could spend and spilled more whiskey that most men have ever drunk or drank or whatever. i gotta tell you that i had a lot of fun...all chronicled in that internationally renown and world famous memoir, poorly written and edited, entitled, "Autobiography of a Polar Bear." You can find it on Amazon for a while although it is technically out of print. I am in the process of revising it and doing a sequel but that may take me years at the present rate. i invite you to read it but i must warn you that it is not for the squeamish and probably not appropriate for some of the ladies in our class. If i am at the next reunion, i will be happy to autograph it for you if you have a copy. Just thought i would share this with you so that you know that there are folks of all stripes who graduated from North High in 1963 and although i am now the ripe old age of 70, i never planned on or expected that i would live this long. Only by the grace of God and Archangel Michael am i able to sit here and write these words to my dear classmates. God willing, i will see you at the next reunion. Cheers!

School Story

I took trigonometry from Mr. Martinson my senior year. i was terrible and he should have flunked me. However, he had mercy on me and we had a bit of a chat after class at the end of the first semester.

"Jad," he said, "I really should fail you in this class give you and 'F.' but if i do that you will not graduate. So i am gonna give you a break. i will do this only on one condition. that condition is that you will drop our of and will not attend my probability and statistics class next semester." "Will you promise me that you will drop that class on your schedule?" I answered in the affirmative. "very well, then. i will give you a D- with a red circle around it only so you will graduate and i hope i never see you again." it seems that i had the tendency to ingratiate myself to several of my teachers that way in the years that i attended north. i guess it was a indication of things to come.

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Jad Wolf's has a birthday today.
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Nov 01, 2016 at 11:24 PM

good evening, classmates. I sit here, livin' the dream in my 20 year old motor home next to my cabin in a 2400 acre gated community in the poorest county in Kansas. oh yes, we have an eighteen hole golf course but I learned years ago that having a set of clubs does not make one a golfer as my good friend stan high often reminds me. so no, I do not golf but we have two swimming pools and one great 180 acre lake for boating and skiing and seven other lakes for fishing, we got two club houses and the pro shop at the golf course and acres and acres of woods and hills and springs and walking and biking and atv trails...like I said...living the dream but I gotta tell you...sometimes...I feel something is missing so I am drawn back to some of my happiest years and some of my saddest days I experienced at Wichita high school north. if I make it to our 55 year reunion and I will certainly try things will be different for me. my companion of almost thirty year will certainly not come but I am getting used to my solitude. that being said, I drift back to my high school friends who although we have drifted apart I still love and think about them often. guys like mike Norris, tim cotter, Kelly Yenser, tom delany and yes there are others but it saddens me that I have not stayed in touch and have drifted apart and I don't suppose that will change but being the month of November, I wanna share with you something I had long forgot about until my dear friend, Kelly Yenser reminded me about when last we had lunch together at the scotch several years ago.

it was November...the day that jfk was assassinated. Kelly and I had dates and of course we were all traumatized and we wound up with a bottle of red wine at St. Mary Catholic church downtown on broad way, I believe. we sat in the church and talked about things that I don't even remember. perhaps Kelly does because it was for sure an historic day. of course, my goal in those days was to get laid and as I recall the lady I was with was very pretty but again as usual that didn't happen but I felt very close to Kelly and those ladies that night...I remember and if anyone would have told me that our country would be in the shape it is in now...I would have not believed it. that is all I will say about that...but it saddens me to see my good and dear friends whom I love even so today have drifted so far apart as I see how our lives have gone on such far different paths. it is okay...too be expected as I am I know pretty far out there on certain things. just a bit melancholy tonite. I can't believe that I spelled melancholy right without spell check oil well. just wanna say to all my classmates that I would ask you to forgive me if I have offended you but I being me, of course may probably offend you again so I ask you in advance. God bless you. see ya October 2018. take care. ypjw (yer pal jad wolf)

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Happy birthday dude best wishes for a wonderful day and many good years to come
Your pal j-dub

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happy birthday, Sue! i hope you have a great day and many more birthdays!

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Mar 13, 2016 at 11:56 AM

Paul...congratulations for your hard work and success. i love Romania and i plan to go there someday. i have some Romanian friends who have invited me.

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This is me and my son on top of some mountain in Colorado. I am a severe acrophobic and no one but my son would have ever tricked me into doing this. lol! it was scary, but great fun and a bonding event for my son and me.

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Vote Trump! Dump the career politicians! We need new blood to govern and take back our country!' No more Bush and absolutely no more Clinton!

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Posted on: May 05, 2014 at 7:36 PM

Hey, Terry! Lotta water under the bridge since we last got together. If you ever get to Wichita, gimme a call! 282-6279!