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Wayne Nikkel

Wayne Nikkel

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Barbara Claiborn (Holladay)

Excuse any typos but this app has already lost a long comment so I will send it as is.

Wayne and I went to John Marshall together but I didn't know him before. He had two little sisters, Daphne and Lena; Daphne died when we were either in 8th or 9th grade and I reached out to him; we begin going to church together. We dated off and on during school years.
I was an only child and couldn't imagine losing a little sister like that. Wayne was heartbroken.

He played football at Marshall and in 9th grade he broke his leg. Unknowingly he walked on the broken leg all weekend while hunting with Ed, his dad and ended up in the ER Sunday night for a cast.

We went to different colleges and loosely kept in touch for a while longer, mainly at church. I think the last time we talked was in 71 or 72. I was living in New Orleans at the time, married and had two children with Bud Holladay. Bud managed the Wichita Howard Johnson's Restaurant and was transferred to Joplin Hojo in 1967.Then he joined the Mr.T's rental business and we transferred to Decatur,Georgia, New Orleans,Houston,Wichita again, to Dallas, Houston, and back to Dallas. That's when we moved to Denton in 1975.

In 1978 or 79, when we were 33, Mom, an R.N., sent the paper obituary to me. Wayne had died. She was told Wayne had knee surgery to repair his old football injury, a clot had broken loose and gone to his brain. He died instantly sitting in his recliner at home recuperating. He left a wife and a little 5 year old girl.

Wayne was a really sweet guy; he had a heart of gold.

I called a good friend here and we met in the park where I told her all about Wayne and cried and cried. I told her if we had stayed together, I would have been widowed at 33 and he died entirely too young with so much to look forward to, and a little girl besides.

It's hard to believe that an injury in 9th grade was what caused his death so many years later.

I don't remember what season it was so I'm not sure of the year but if you look in the Wichita Eagle Beacon archives, it should be there for '78 or '79.

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